Living and Working in the Netherlands

What to Expect

You may know the Netherlands from the clogs and Amsterdam, but this country has so much more to offer! From a breath-taking world heritage island group located in the northern seas of Holland to burgundy Maastricht, where food combined with history and city life takes you back to ancient Holland. Located in the heart of Europe, weekend city trips to all the major European cities are just a breath away! What are you waiting for? Come join our young team!

Be happy in Holland! Are you thinking of working and living in the Netherlands? No problem, we give you all the practical information you need and guide you through the way!

Inspiring Dutch language courses

Numerous languages find their roots in the Dutch language. There are about 24 million Dutch speakers and therefore Dutch is in the top 40 of most spoken languages in the world. Can you imagine there are 6000 languages spoken worldwide? Dutch correlates with English, French, German and a lot of other languages, which makes it even easier and faster to learn. In fact, the Dutch language is worldwide the language that is most related to English.

For those of whom Dutch is not their native language, but want to learn the Dutch language, LOI offers you a course with which you can get your Dutch to the desired level as easily, cheaply and quickly as possible. After completing this course, you will be able to effortlessly participate in all kinds of conversations, give presentations, read texts on social topics and write detailed texts. In other words, a beautiful addition to your resume! Read more here.

Also ICM offers courses to improve your Dutch. With a rating from 8,9 out of 10, they are elected to be the best trainer in the Netherlands for the seventh time in a row! Increase your chances on the labor market! Check out some courses here!

One of the best healthcare systems

Getting ill is never fun, but when it does happen, the Dutch health care system will take care of you! Holland has one of the best health care systems in Europe and our healthcare system offers above-average quality and accessible care compared to other countries around us.

You are compulsorily insured from the day you come to live or work with us in the Netherlands and register with a Dutch municipality. You will get a maximum of four months to take out health insurance. Health insurers must accept everyone as insured for the basic package.

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Finding the right home

When you decide to become part of our team, you will need a place to stay. Here many houses are being newly built in Holland. The Dutch government facilitates in new housing projects, but that doesn't mean finding a good home for a reasonable price isn’t challenging. Renting or buying a house is an exciting step that involves a lot, but we will help you! The Netherlands is versatile in terms of residential destinations. Do you prefer living on the canals with their beautiful architecture and rural amenities nearby in Amsterdam, living peacefully at the coast where you can enjoy the sunset and breathe in nature or do you prefer countryside? Don’t worry, Holland has got a place for you!

In addition to asking friends or the congregation for a place, we highly recommend you to take a look at this website.

Funda is a Dutch organization based in Amsterdam that presents Dutch real estate on the internet. With around 43 million visits per month, Funda is a popular housing site in the Netherlands. On the website you can find the complete Dutch housing offer that is offered through real estate agents. After finding a place, you can show your interest to the estate agent of that spot. They can help you in your further plans.

Also, on Facebook there are a lot of groups that you can go to for assistance. There are loads of Facebook expat groups. For example, if you are seeking for a room in The Hague, you can find Expat Republic The Hague. If you can not find one for your city, then reach out to They can suggest some in your area.

Fore more information, click here.

If you are looking for a room in a certain city, you can click here!

Rentola is one of the cleverest internet programs for rental properties on the market. They got over 3 years of experience in the rental market worldwide. They also have more than 20 employees in customer service, marketing and IT who work every day to bring tenants and landlords together.

Financial security

Let us help you to reach your financial goals! Working abroad will provide financial challenges. A financial advisor will accompany you in making decisions! They can give answers at all your personal financial questions, both specific and broad. A professional can help you make choices, based on your wishes, so that you can reach your financial goal. We recommend you click here to find your advisor in a nutshell!

Cash Flow Administrations is a company specialized in financial advice. They provide a wide spectrum of financial advice with specialism on the areas of tax, asset management, mortgages, and financial planning.

ABN AMRO is one of the most famous Dutch banks, founded in 1991. ABN AMRO offers retail, private banking and corporate clients a full range of products and services. Check out their website here!


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